Product Features

  • Super easy Brew-It-Yourself cold brew coffee
  • Each reusable Pour And Store Pouch makes 36 cups of cold brew/iced coffee
  • Cold Brew your coffee right in the refrigerator
  • Just add water - Brew directly in reusable Pour And Store Pouch
  • Famous Grady's New Orleans-style flavor
  • Hot Brew: Add 4-6 cups of boiling water (depending on preferred strength) to 1 Bean Bag in heat-resistant vessel
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Product Description

Brewing your own Grady’s Cold Brew just got that much easier! With the help of our reusable ultramodern “Pour and Store” Pouch, you’ll be brewing in no time. Just add water! The Bean Bags—literally, bags of ground coffee beans, chicory, and spices—soak overnight in water. In the morning, remove bags from pouch and discard or compost. Finally, rip off those pesky tamper proof seals and dispense straight from the fridge for up to two weeks. One part Grady’s + one part milk (or water for black coffee) = total perfection. Feeling adventurous? Try mixing Grady’s with vodka for a cocktail, sparkling water for a coffee soda or over ice cream for true decadence. Made in: New York City Ingredients: Coffee, Chicory, Spices Details: Pour and Store Pouch contains (12) 2oz Bean Bags. Each bag brews 3 servings of concentrate. Brewed concentrate must be refrigerated. Stays fresh for up to 2 weeks.

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