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  • Sure to be conversation starters for home or office. Stylishly packaged for housewarming and wedding gifts, or just to surprise your favorite tea lover
  • Easy to use by popping off the tails, filling with loose tea, and hanging on a cup rim to steep. Designed to prevent leaf bits from escaping. Heat-resistant for easy removal without scalding fingers
  • NON-TOXIC food grade silicone will not alter your tea with aftertaste or unpleasant odor, and no harmful BPA is present to leach into beverages during steeping. Microwave oven safe
  • DISHWASHER-SAFE in the utensil basket or top rack for easy cleaning. Non-corrosive silicone will not rust or discolor the way metal infuser balls do
  • Great choice as gift for friends.
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Product Description

Enjoy a delicious spot of tea with Mr. and Mrs. Manatee
This playful manatee couple knows that a steaming cup of tea is ideal for soothing a sore throat or binge-watching your favorite TV show.
Simply fill one with your family loose leaf, hang it on the rim of ANY size mug or cup, and prepare yourself for the most perfectly-steeped Matcha, Oolong or Pumpkin Spice Chai. The fine infuser holes prevent loose bits from escaping so all you will taste is a relaxing, detoxifying cup of tea.
So easy to use and maintain
To fill your Manatee Loose Leaf Tea Infusers, pop off the tail and add loose-leaf tea. It’s that easy! Made from FDA-approved food-grade silicone, these adorable sea cows are great companions for your afternoon tea. They will never create an unpleasant aftertaste or release dangerous toxins, even when used in the microwave oven. They are heat-resistant so you can pluck them from your cup without burning your fingers, and put them into the utensil basket of your dishwasher for fast, efficient clean-up. They will always emerge looking brand-new because their silicone design is stain-resistant and non-corrosive. Throw out those mesh infuser balls that rust, because Mr. and Mrs. Manatee are dropping by!

Package included:
2pcs of couple tea infuser, 1pcs of grey & 1pcs of pink

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